Latest Updates

This is where you can follow along with all of the great stuff we are doing.

Leaky Dimensions

We are extremely excited to be able to announce our new title that is in the works.  It is called Leaky Dimensions.  While I won't post too much about it here, I just want to make you aware of it.  Over the next month, we will be posting some updates about Electric...

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GDEX 2018

One week until GDEX.  It should be an amazing event.  Here is the link to the website. Henry will be part of two sessions this year. He will be...

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GDC 2018

Less than a week away until I speak at GDC.  If you are able to attend, it would be great to see you. Henry Elmo Bawden will be speaking about a portion of his teaching...

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Flo Emojis

We are continuing work on Electric Flo and wanted to give an update.  After dealing with many other issues, we are finally pushing ahead on two fronts.  With programming, the level creation system is being developed.  With the art, we are continuing to...

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Fishing Sketch

This was an early concept sketch for the self sufficiency game.  This has Flora and another character, Billy, enjoying time by the stream.  Billy will be a regular companion to Flora during her summer at her grandmother's farm.

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Self Sufficiency Characters

We are working on the characters for the game right now.  They are mostly done, but there are always updates and changes.  The grandmother needs a hat, and the chicken needs some reworking.  However, the greenhouse and props are done for now.  The...

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