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Amelia Splint and the Doorway to Hope

Everyone has experienced getting lost in their imagination but for Amelia Splint that experience can be much more than a simple distraction.  Her imagination is so vivid that she can’t keep track of what is real and what isn’t.  Sailing the ocean, playing with imaginary friends, and going on fantastical adventures is preventing her from focusing on school and her new foster home.  It might be a sign of her slipping sanity that a dark creature has begun terrorizing her in her imaginary world.

Coming home from school early one day, Amelia is shocked to discover her new foster guardian, Sarah Buttonley, has a secret.  Amelia’s abilities are not unique, and her world and creations are not so imaginary.

While Amelia Splint and The Doorway to Hope is a contemporary fantasy for entertainment, it acts as a primer for supporting children and adults who are struggling with trauma.  Amelia’s experiences depict various concepts such as reframing, cognitive dissonance, and inner child work.  These examples can be referenced by a therapist in a clinical setting to facilitate understanding of concepts, ideas, and therapies.

Amelia Splint and The Doorway to Hope contains a reading guide as a springboard for discussion in classrooms, reading groups, and clinical environments.

Reviews on Amazon for Amelia Splint and the Doorway to Hope

An inspiring and delightful read!

Amelia Splint and the Doorway to Hope is a beautifully crafted story that follows a young girl’s journey as she explores worlds of fantasy and reality and the spaces in between. The book can be enjoyed for its story value alone. But Mr. Bawden also sensitively and carefully addresses the deeper issue of trauma and its pervasive effects on both children and adults. Ultimately, this story is full of warmth and, as the title suggests, hope. I look forward to reading more of Mr. Bawden’s work!

Va Cin

Very good book for young and old alike!!!

This book is perfect for any age. It gives you a very good perspective on life!!! Give you hope while keeping you engaged!! Highly recommended for any age!


Wildly Imaginative Story for Readers of All Ages

An absolute delight from start to finish, Amelia Splint and the Doorway to Hope is a wildly imaginative trip through sweeping vistas and kind hearts.

It’s a story of magic and mystery, that’s also a thoughtful examination of serious topics like trauma and isolation; but it never drifts into heavy-handed or didactic prose. The storytelling is structured so that readers (especially younger readers) think their way through the scenarios along with Amelia. This, along with the fun and wonder of the multiple worlds she explores is more than enough to keep things from getting bogged down. Walking that line can be tough, but Bawden pulls it off gracefully.

The chapters have a strong sense of closure, making it a great choice for a read-along. (I appreciate the ‘read it and set it aside’ approach in kids’ books, and it makes a nice change of pace even for older — okay, much older! — readers like me, who are accustomed to big reveals and cliffhanger chapter endings.)

A terrific debut, and I’m looking forward to seeing what Bawden does next!


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