Bawden Studio

Welcome to our website!  Please check out what we are up to, and what we have to offer.

Leaky Dimensions

Leaky Dimensions is our newest title that is in the works.  Follow the link below to learn more.

Video Logs

As part of growing our company, we have been creating video logs when we are able.  These videos cover art, design, and many other areas.

Tutorial Videos

We have a series of videos that can guide you through the process of learning the 3D content creation pipeline.

Video games that educate and inspire.

We have a family-friendly approach to our production, and are striving to create products that have a positive influence.  There are three areas of focus that drive our projects.


Bawden Studio strives to create games that are meaningful and impactful.  We believe that games, when done properly, can be a powerful tool in helping people learn.  In addition to using games to educate, we also look for opportunities to educate about games, design, team building, and many other subjects.

Mental Health

We stand in firm support of those who are struggling with any form of disability.  A primary focus, however, is supporting those who struggle with mental, emotional, social, or learning disabilities.

Self Sufficiency

We believe in helping everyone become more self sufficient.  Whether that is emotionally, financially, physically, or in any other way.  One way we do this is through teaching people to grow and prepare their own food.  We support the urban farming movement.
We could not succeed at our endeavors without receiving support ourselves.  We are grateful to have a wonderful network of friends, family, and industry.  Located in central Ohio, Bawden Studio has ties to the local education community, game development community, health services, and the local urban farming community.  To find out more about us, and our partners, please check out the “About Us” page.