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Amelia Splint and the Doorway to Hope

Everyone has experienced getting lost in their imagination but for Amelia Splint that experience can be much more than a simple distraction.  Her imagination is so vivid that she can’t keep track of what is real and what isn’t.  Sailing the ocean, playing with imaginary friends, and going on fantastical adventures is preventing her from focusing on school and her new foster home.  It might be a sign of her slipping sanity that a dark creature has begun terrorizing her in her imaginary world.

Coming home from school early one day, Amelia is shocked to discover her new foster guardian, Sarah Buttonley, has a secret.  Amelia’s abilities are not unique, and her world and creations are not so imaginary.

While Amelia Splint and The Doorway to Hope is a contemporary fantasy for entertainment, it acts as a primer for supporting children and adults who are struggling with trauma.  Amelia’s experiences depict various concepts such as reframing, cognitive dissonance, and inner child work.  These examples can be referenced by a therapist in a clinical setting to facilitate understanding of concepts, ideas, and therapies.

Amelia Splint and The Doorway to Hope contains a reading guide as a springboard for discussion in classrooms, reading groups, and clinical environments.

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