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Henry Elmo Bawden

Henry has been working as an artist since 1999, and has been in the game industry since 2006.  Since 2010, he has been in charge of the Video Game Art and Animation program at Columbus State Community College, located in Columbus Ohio.  In 2023, he published his first book.

Henry loves to create.  He is an author, artist, composer, designer, and many other things.

Henry regularly speaks to youth groups, and at conferences and expos.  He discusses mental health issues, self sufficiency, and game development.  He is on the Board of the Ohio Game Developer’s Association, and helps to organize GDEX (Game Developer Expo) each year.

When he is not writing, drawing, painting, composing, working on games, or teaching, Henry likes to camp, forage for food in the forest (especially hunting mushrooms), spend time with his family, and work in his garden.

Bawden Studio & Bawden Studio Press

Bawden Studio started in 2005 as a freelance art studio for its founder, Henry Elmo Bawden.  In 2011 it became a full production game studio that specialized in contract work for educational games and began hiring employees.  In 2016, the studio pulled back on contract work to focus more heavily on its own internal projects with a small core team.  After 2020, the studio returned to its roots as a freelance and personal project studio for Henry.  In 2023 it added Bawden Studio Press as an imprint to begin publishing.