Electric Flo

Electric Flo is our latest game project. It is currently out in Alpha form on Google Play and on Amazon. It works on phones and tablets. Electric Flo is a puzzle game that is designed to teach young children the basic concepts of electrical engineering.

Join Flo as she and her friend Kit work to find out what has caused all of the chaos at the Munterling Mansion.

So far on our adventure, Flo and Kit can explore the first five levels. You can also explore the start of the playground where, in the future, you will be able to build your own puzzles.

We are continuing to add content. Right now we are in development of 45 more levels that will be added to the initial adventure. We are also working on tools to allow for more player generated content.

You can follow our news feed to keep up on the latest progress.

You can get your copy today for phone or tablet from Google Play or Amazon.  Please click on the links below.

Self Sufficiency Game

This untitled game is one that we are particularly excited for.  We are working on the prototype and hope to be going into full production next year.  This game targets people living in a single bedroom apartment on the 35th floor of a building in downtown New York City.  The idea is that if the information can be cost effective and practical for them, it will work for anyone.  This game will teach how to raise food, preserve it, and cook with it.  It will also teach about foraging, animal husbandry, wildlife observation, crafts, games, and more.

Join Flora as she visits her grandmother’s farm for the summer.  She will be making new friends, exploring new places, and learning all about her grandmother’s lifestyle.  Flora will break things down into simple and easy to follow activities that anyone can do.

So far, the visual development of the prototype is progressing.  We will continue working on it and will post updates.  Check out the news feed to keep up with our latest developments.

Video Logs

As part of growing our company, we have been working on video logs as we are able.  We will continue to work on them, keeping in mind that the game production is the first priority.  Here are the four most recent video logs.  To see more, please follow the link below the videos to access the entire playlist on YouTube.

3D Content Creation Pipeline

These videos were created as a resource for those starting to learn about 3D content creation.  They were made specifically for the Columbus State Community College 3D Modeling 1 course.  After watching the introduction video below, please follow the link to access the entire playlist of 61 tutorial videos on YouTube.  To get more in depth education on the subject, please check out the courses at Columbus State Community College.

Mailing List

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